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If that was kev he would just be on the floor crying because he misses you as you do but you know I’m in the room still didn't you face is a picture so after kevin the lovely kev let's be honest to introduce me to the zachary movies and we did an on the close-in so I thought will it work sitting down in the chair now I’ve got my cane nicely here so it's not cross it's not hooked over anything it's just leaning it's convenient if it's got a bit of a car of a chair I can still get it in as soon as he comes in hello oh no he's a ruffian I can bring this up now if he decides to throw punches or grabs you've got all sorts of weird and wonderful things I don't have to do a lot, Walking Cane, hello it also gives me a chance to uh change my grip if there are people around me you may let go now I’ve decided what to finish there are people around me well if it's this grip I have to maneuver it's quite difficult but with this grip, I can bring it straight up.

So I can just I don't have to do anything clever would you want that no I can hook once I’ve done the techniques I can go to two-handed close-up techniques your preferred moves do your preferred moves so I quite like that situation here can you see if it came from there very well just about yeah if it was here and you saw me reach for it yeah that's the thing this gives me time and it gives me a chance to actually move better I’m here we have the phoenix we have the Hungarians we like these moves as well Bigfoot Cane there's somebody here I can do that quite honestly but prater if he does come in he's there I have my other hand there's nobody here so that's quite nice for me to do.

I can use my i have two hands which is nice there's nobody there i don't have to do clip keep it simple we say this all the time and if i decide to because there is room do the handguard principle that's very nice  dan's going to do a nice grab lean and grab so you might come into the punch so i'm just going to plug give him um this is very nice oh his head's gone down i was going for a neck grab it didn't work if i just apply pressure on there he's moaning a little bit there but as i bring him in i want to be hooking and dragging him now that's very unpleasant isn't it yeah because he hasn't got the flexibility i literally kind of remove now i'm actually quite lucky here because there's some pressure points in his face which i'm applying them on i'm going to take that off now here's something i just you know he's lent in he's lent over he's a bit off balance but he's had to stick his leg out so that way don't forget yes i'm not bragging it doesn't grab it doesn't work with this grip if i'm here i can very easily hello here under there wait okay where's the camera i mean.

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