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What is Bulbul Home?

Bulbul Home is your one-stop-shop for premium cushion covers and quilt cover sets in Australia. Bulbul home started out in 2020 from a longing to travel, while faced with travel restrictions a desire to feel connected with the world outside. At the same time, quarantine had made home a refuge from the turbulence and uncertainty outside, a place of calm and joy. From these two opposing desires grew Bulbul Home. Bulbul began a 20-month process to bring the best products from across Pakistan to Australia. A special focus is given to ethical sourcing, natural materials, and employment to artisans. In thinking small, we are thinking big. Bulbul is always excited to bring high quality, responsibly sourced homewares, and bed linen to your home.


Bulbul Home offers the perfect housewares and home accessories to help you beautify your house and give it your own personal touch. Their cushion covers are specially designed to go with anything. Their carefully crafted placemats are also must-have items to enhance your home's beauty. The quality of these products is unmatched, and Bulbul Home strives to continue to meet this standard. To this end, they order items in smaller quantities, so that each product offers greater quality and personal connection.

Personal Connection:

Bulbul aims to create small batches rather be driven by incentives for bulk. The aim of this is to create a personal connection between customer and product. This makes their marble coasters and cushion covers truly feel like they are a part of your home. Bulbul works with the best in the world designers in Australia and makers in Pakistan. This is all to bring the most carefully and passionately crafted items into your home. Bulbuls Designed in Australia products express natures tranquillity, joy, and hope of a bright tomorrow.

Design Stories:

Bulbul aims to create a deep connection between their products, and their customers. To this end, they give a variety of Design Stories, which tells the stories of their makers. This includes women who weave their mats and baskets, the multi-generational artisans who skillfully hand carve the gemstones onto our coasters, and the journey of the GOTS certified organic cotton that they use. Each of their products such as their placemats and their rattan placemats has its own rich history.

Style and Aesthetic:

Bulbul Homes products are specially designed so that they do not clash with other elements in your house and go with almost anything. Their rattan placemats will match any aesthetic and personal style. Their placemats come in carefully curated styles, to blend anywhere and enhance your home rather than stand out. Bulbul promises a house you can truly be comfortable in. Every product is also consciously crafted and delivered to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Online Store:

Bulbul Home allows people from all across Australia to buy from its amazing cushion covers. They offer free shipping across Australia for orders above AUD 180. So, buy online from Bulbul Home today and make your dream home. Be a part of the Bulbul family today.

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