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What are terpenes and what do they do find out on this episode of Wheaties by the growing up when you take a whiff of cannabis buds that smell of skunk citrus pine or even gasoline is all thanks to terpenes and they aren't only found in cannabis terpenes can be found in fruit herbs and other plants terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis strain its specific smell and flavour they’ve secreted in the cannabis flowers resin glands the same place where THC CBD and Buy Terpenes other cannabinoids are made more research is needed but terpenes might even work in harmony with these cannabis compounds in a phenomenon called the entourage effect will explore the entourage effect in later terpenes are also able to bind to receptors in the brain just like cannabinoids in fact the potential effects of a terpene may change depending on whether other compounds are present over a hundred terpenes have been identified in the cannabis plant alone.

And they developed as a way to protect the plant from predators and to attract pollinators but what deter peens do besides creating the weed sense that we know and love when you use cannabis each terpene could potentially produce its own physiological effects like relaxation or focus the eight most common terpenes found in cannabis are mere seen a clove-scented terpene that may produce couch lock or relaxing effects alpha-pinene a pine-scented terpene that could have alertness effects and True Terpenes may offset the effects of THC limonene this citrus-scented terpene may elevate mood and relieve stress Linna bool a floral fragrance terpene that could have sedate of effects and enhance mood Hugh Moline an earthy or hop scented terpene that could have anti-inflammatory effects beta Carrio filing a spicy or peppery smelling Tour pain that may relieve stress assuming a sweet-scented terpene that could have antiseptic effects in Turpan Alene a floral pine-scented terpene that could potentially provide relaxation.

When it comes to a strains terpene profile there seems to be a familial resemblance each strain of cannabis has a specific terpene profile and a cannabis parent strain can down it's sent to a descendent stream as the cannabis plant grows many factors like climate soil type and even the time of day can affect how terpenes develop so if you're hunting for a specific terpene profile only lab tested cannabis products can tell you for certain which terpenes are in a strain and how strong those terpenes are terpenes are responsible for why cannabis smells and in the future we may learn just what specific effects they have on cannabis use what terpenes can you smell in your favorite cannabis strain let us know in the comments below thanks  i'm going to answer the question what are terpenoids and how do they relate to cannabinoids all right so let's get to answering the question what are terpenoids and how do they relate to cannabinoids so first off terpenes versus trypanoids here what's kind of the general comparison and Terpenes for sale this is a great kind of difference between for definition structure types and uses however these are often used as interchangeable terms but they do have different definitions and we can see different classifications and categories terpenes are the naturally occurring combination of carbon and hydrogen terpenoids are terpenes that have been modified through a drying and curing process basically that's a chemical modification and what that does is that alters the oxygen content of the compound so.

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