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Candle boxes make the candle more Enticing

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The basic purpose of candle is to give light and to finish darkness. But candles are not only used to lighten only. Candles are used for several other purposes as well. Like candles are used on different occasion for decoration and to make the event memorable too. traditional candles are no more left. In fact, now a lot of designs and shapes of candles are build according to events and according to demand of buyers. That is why we also build stylish and fancy boxes for candles. Our designed boxes are not typical. In fact, these boxes can be used for other multiple purposes too. We give 100% guarantee that our designed candle boxes wholesale do not only make your event unforgettable but also boost up your product. 

Get your desired candle boxes without any extra charges 

Wow! Really? Yes, we do not build only simple candle boxes. We offer a platform to our dear clients, on which they can tell us their demand about candle packaging boxes. Then we manufacture custom candle packaging for their product. Customization do not only make your product different from other’s product but also helps you to compete market. When customers see something unique and stylish, they at once ready to buy that product. We do not take any extra charges for customization. In fact, candle boxes are available at wholesale rate with free delivery at your door step and without any delay. What do you want more other than this? Hurry up, be the part of us and fly high on skies. 

All sizes and shapes are built here! 

We do not only develop one shape or size of candle box packaging. We deal with several designs and shape of candle boxes. Like we build oval, round, circle, square, open lid, die cute, window pane, pillow and so many other shapes of candle packaging boxes. 

Candle box is an interesting gift 

Our designed gift candle packaging boxes are very famous. And especially the candle box with window highlights your product and forces the buyers to grab the product without thinking more. 

Best for display 

Every retailer want to have the best and most stylish packaging box on his/her outlet. Because the more moderate display will be, the more traffic will be there at your outlet. That is why we recommend our dear clients to select our custom tuck boxes

We give you opportunity to say wow! 

We do not take any extra charges for expert’s opinion not even customization. In fact, we give you one more attractive feature that is printing. yes, we print candle boxes wholesale too. For printing we do not rely on old tradition to use silver or golden color ink. We use metallic color to emboss the name of your company logo. Our designed window pane candle boxes with a knot and some printing on ribbon boost up your product and takes it to on next level. 

To place your order send us email at sales@oxopackaging.com or call on (510) 500 9533 and we will ship your order in 6 to 8 working days. 

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