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The best approach of having packaging is to have it custom made for you. There are many things you can do with such packaging and cover every department of the packaging. You can get custom packaging for CBD products like other retail products as well. So, if you are looking to get custom CBD boxes, this guide is for you. It has all the crucial steps you need to take to get the best packaging for your products.

Following are the things you should do to get custom packaging for CBD products:

Getting your Artwork Ready

For your custom packaging, it is wise to have attractive artwork ready. Such artwork adds lovely details to the packaging. Moreover, it has become a famous packaging trend. The most affordable way of getting that artwork ready is to hire a freelancer for the task from some freelance platform. You should get the artwork ready before everything else because your packaging company may not provide the service of making custom artworks. Even if they do, it can cost you extra. So, the most affordable approach is to get the service from a freelancer.

Selecting the Right Packaging Making and Printing Company

Once you are done with the artwork, the next step is to hire a packaging company to design the packaging. You can go search in the local market, or you can find websites that offer the services online. Before selecting a company, it is better if you do some research. It can help you in getting a wider variety of packaging making and printing options. Also, you can compare the quotes and save some dollars.

The Process of Designing the Packaging

Once you have your artwork ready and selected by the packaging company, the process of designing starts. This process can be divided into box making and printing—the variety of options on what your packaging company is offering.

The box making options include the selection of materials, styles of boxes, size, shapes, and dimensions. Also, if you want customizations like die-cut windows, they are counted in the process of packaging making.

Selection of Materials

The materials you can go with depends on your packaging company. You can select the material from the variety the packaging company is offering. The customizability and durability of the packaging also depend on the nature of the material. So, you should make the decision wisely.

Style of Boxes

There are many styles of retail boxes, but which type of boxes you can get depends on your packaging company. While you are selecting the right style of boxes, do not make the mistake of not knowing your options. Know your options and then make the decision.

Size, Dimensions, and Shapes

The size, dimensions, and shape factors of the packaging depending on the product. Getting all three of them is not a big problem as a custom is generally designed according to your needs. Do ask the company beforehand, however, to avoid any inconvenience.

Die-Cut Windows

Adding windows to the packaging boxes is trendy design customization. It adds to the presentation and also provides a view of the product. Ask your company if they offer this service. The windows do not have to be always common geometric shapes but can also be of other designs. Again, the number of options depends on the company.

Printing of the Packaging

Printing is the part that allows you to have your artwork and branding on the packaging. It allows you to have the designs with your favorite colors, so it has a massive contribution to the overall presentation. There are two major printing methods known as PMS and CMYK. You can ask the company about the options you are open to.


The job of the finishing is to make the color scheme look good. Therefore, it should be such that it complements the design of the packaging. There are a lot of finishing options, and what options you can select depends on the variety, your vendor is offering.

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