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How to Wrap Your Gift Smartly with 5 Techniques 

We know that you have spent hours into buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Your effort is only known to you unless your items are wrapped up attractively. You can wrap them up with colorful strings and bow, other glitzy decors and cards to make them reflect your effort. People usually throw away the gift packaging, but sometimes a custom printed packaging becomes keepsakes for people. Anything like a slightly checkered paper that is wrapped thoughtfully can make your entire gift sweet. 

You know many other things in order to give your present a gift status. Today, we will share smart gift-wrapping styles with you to enhance your item’s beauty. If it is Christmas and you are entitled to give out a load of gifts, we can equip you with ideas that will make each and every present different. 

Linen Your Way in with Furoshiki Style

Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese cloth wrapping, is the way to give a distinctive feeling to the recipient. It just requires a piece of cloth with folding skills to make it. You can give it a specific design by attaching decoration material like stripes or drawing stuff on the surface for an artistic enhancement. 

You can make it elegant by using the Shibori technique – folding both sides, top and bottom, like an accordion with your gift in the cloth for proper shape. You can further pull the snugs, tie it up and your Japanese-styled gift wrap is ready. 

Brighten Your Gift with Sharpness 

This style requires attention and carefulness as it plays with sharp tools, such as scissors. It would help if you also have an illustrated poster to give your gift wrap a unique look. You can cut out the desired image and glue them on petite boxes, like Kraft gift boxes, or any other shape for a seamless experience. 

You know you can prevent the edges from getting curled by pasting them on the card stock and tucking them underneath the ribbons as labels. 

Sing Melody with Photofinishing

This style represents art with photofinishing for an exquisite appearance. It is like a puzzle game as you have to form a square shape with little 3-inch boxes. Cut the paper according to the size of your boxes’ lids. The gridlines your phone’s camera shows, you have to draw a similar pattern on the back of the paper. 

Now, you have to cut the square shapes and paste them into the lids to give them a proper finishing. You can also put in additional treats for an impressive impression. 

Tower Your Gift Wrap 

It would be best if you do paper marbling on round-shaped boxes for an elegant presentation. It sends off a beautiful message by proudly displaying your gifts. You can tower similar packages on the top with decreasing sizes to give it a towery look as the nested exhibition has its own appeal.

Roll One for Your Beloveds

This technique does not mean what the heading suggests but actually is quite beneficial for you and the environment. This eco-friendly bubbled gift wrap, also known as paper mesh, houses a lot of winsome characteristics. The best thing about it is that it is durable, flexible and biodegradable. 

It does not require any rocket science and can easily roll up your presents inside. You can cover a bottle of wine or other similar shaped items with a luxurious paper for a luscious look. It adds to the recipient's curiosity as even other items can be packaged in a cylindrical-shaped box. 

These five techniques and styles are pretty straightforward and do not demand much effort from your end. A handmade covering sets the tone of your gift and becomes a part of the gift itself. 



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