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Difference Between Faux and Real Leather Shoes

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When you go to a store to buy a pair of real leather shoes, you often have no idea if what you're buying is genuine or faux leather. If you're in a physical footwear outlet that claims to sell only the highest- quality leather shoes, you've come to the correct spot. However, buying real leather shoes online could be a daunting task as many faux brands are selling online leather goods with the word ‘real’. So, here
comes the hassle of recognizing the difference between real and fake leather.

At Glatt, one of the best online stores to purchase high-end leather shoes for men in Pakistan, we take immense pleasure in going above and beyond by offering premium-quality formal leather shoes that exhibit class and elegance for the elite gentleman. We guide our customers to recognize the difference between real leather and fake leather so they don’t waste their hard-earned money.

7 Helpful Tips to Distinguish Between Genuine & Faux Leather
Product Description

If you are an online buyer, it is recommended that you read the descriptions and key features of the product carefully. Several shoemakers proudly claim on their websites the originality of their leathervshoes. And, if you find words like "synthetic leather" or  "man-made leather". it clearly means that it’s faux leather. If nothing is mentioned in the description, there's a high chance that it’s not genuine
Genuine leather comes from animal skins, including cow, calf, snake, deer, and crocodile. Hence, the texture of real leather never feels smooth. However, there are various shoe-making procedures that involve multiple leather finishing to get a smooth texture. Unlike faux leather, genuine leather has a natural wrinkling behavior. In addition, some leather shoes are milled, which means they have grain-like imperfections.

Check for Wrinkles
Real leather, just like skin, will wrinkle or crease. On the other hand, faux leather will merely compress and hold its form when put under pressure.

Shape Adjustment
Genuine leather shoes adjust their shape according to your feet. They do not retain their original shape. Instead, they shape and fit according to the size of wearer’s foot.

Musty Odor
Genuine leather shoes have a natural musty odor. Unlike synthetic leather, which has no scent or smells like plastic, the odor of real leather seems natural. In order to distinguish the smell between real and faux leather, it is recommended to go to any branded leather store and browse through their products. Smell the texture of some of them to get a sense of what original leather smells like.

Check for Moisture
Real leather absorbs moisture just like human skin. To check, drop a small amount of water on your leather shoe. If the water penetrates into the leather, it is real. If the water remains, it’s faux leather.
A pair of real leather shoes weigh more as compared to a pair of synthetic leather shoes. To sum up, the above-mentioned tips are useful in recognizing the difference between genuine and faux leather shoes. Look for well-known leather brands that sell high-quality leather shoes and purchase the
one you want.

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