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Dynamo Walking Cane

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I guess we'll be seen you somewhere I don't alright folks oh we're back my next step right now this is too high it's going too much like this it's not you know it's gonna be a little bit of a pain so I need to take a little bit off from the top and I want to trace a line taking it you know not too much and going down and after sawing that will I went try and round it off now Dynamo Walking Cane it's a little sunny so you don't see too much but what I want to do is like a type of a knife handle but much bigger smooth and round as much as I can this not here I'm going to leave half of it there because it's going to be how am I going to show that on camera the finger is gonna go down here and it's gonna leave some type of a grip this way okay like that and I was gonna leave the knots on you know a little bit everywhere but I think I'm gonna take them off this is gonna be a really very really simple stick so after cutting this off.

I'm going to just start carving it I still need to thin this out and to cut at the right length because this is not gonna be good I cook it longer but it'll be about here and I'm gonna use all hand tools to do it so you might see some awkward positions because I'm in the house right now so okay so I'll give you some short scenes of the work alright so here's a rough very rough sketch I used a sharpie you know to guide me a little bit so I'll be using just your normal hand saw great so I took the chunks off I wanted most went a little bit too high here but that's fixable now I'm just getting my round piece trimmed off here like Walking Cane for Women I'd like so now it's just being patient and taking a little bit off until you're satisfied so I'll keep you guys posted okay so the main carving is pretty much done now because of my mistake that I saw too deep you know I had just well compensate and modify it.

So I just went I changed by a little model here so these two fingers here fit nice little grip here to this bump with the thumb on the other side that little bump will be in between these two fingers here this here I know it looks kind of weird right now but it fits very comfortable in the hand all I need to do right now again this is not an art piece it's just a functional one so let's start sanding okay so what I'm doing now obviously is sanding I want to concentrate on trying to sand the top nice and smooth Hey obviously this for the hand has to be comfortable the rest I'm just gonna give it quicksand make sure there are no splinters because I want to leave the knife marks this is going to be my idea is going to I'm going to stain in different colors most of the walking stick what I mean no walking cane whatever but the top I'm just going to linseed oil it so.

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