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Leather Shoe Care Tips to protect your Leather Shoes

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A pair of handcrafted leather shoes is a great investment when it comes to elevating your look for any occasion. From oxfords and brogues to loafers and moccasins, leather can make any kind of shoes look luxurious and premium. 

This notion is only agreeable when you are adept at properly taking care of your leather shoes. Leather is greatly known for its durability, style, and endurance. However, leather shoes require regular maintenance in order to sustain their quality and look. 

With all these superlative benefits, investing in a good pair of formal leather shoes is not really shocking.

In this article, we will discuss how to clean and protect your leather footwear to increase its lifespan. Undoubtedly, there are various methods and steps to take care of your leather shoes without having to spend hefty bucks. Having said that, here are some useful tips to protect your leather shoes and keep them pristine and well-maintained for a longer run. Let’s dive in!

Keep your Leather Shoes Away from Water

This is perhaps the most essential tip that needs to ponder while taking care of your expensive leather shoes. No matter what kind of leather you have, water is the enemy of your leather shoes. This is why it is highly recommended to use a good water repellent before wearing them. The water repellent creates a protective layer on your leather shoes which works as a barrier and repels water. In addition, it will keep your shoes away from dirt and stains. 

In rainy weather, you can use galoshes to keep your shoes from getting wet. Still, if your shoes come in contact with water due to heavy rain, do not dry them under direct sunlight. Let your shoes dry at room temperature. 

Moisturizing is necessary

In order to keep your leather shoes looking new, it is crucial to moisturize them on regular basis. Leather is similar to human skin. Just like our skin needs constant hydration, your leather shoes need proper moisturization with a high-quality leather conditioner. It will give a pristine and sheer finishing, making your shoes look brand new. 

Polishing the Shoes

Polishing is another important step that is helpful in retaining the color of your shoes while keeping them shining at the same time. It is suggested to choose a polish color that is exactly the same as your shoe color, otherwise, there would be a high chance that your shoes will get stained. Use a shoe polish that has a creamy texture. Do not use a heavy amount of polish as it could affect the quality and texture of the leather.  

 Use quality Shoe Care Spray

There are several leather shoe care products available in the market, but not all of them fulfil the needs of your shoes. That is why you must opt for the product that suits your shoe needs. The right shoe spray assists in retaining the color of your shoes while adding a layer of protection to prevent dust and stains.

If you are using your shoes in wet weather or messy conditions, better to use beeswax products. The beeswax doesn’t get absorbed into the leather. Moreover, it stays on the leather for long hours. 

To sum up, the aforementioned tips can be very useful in protecting your leather shoes over the years. All you have to do is to prevent your shoes from water or heavy rain. Regular moisturizing and conditioning are the essential steps in order to sustain the brand-new look of your leather shoes while keeping them away from dirt and tough stains.

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