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I got an idea I’m gonna run an entire mega operation indoor of all the old school long cycle landrace and I was like you're gonna run it once you're gonna go bankrupt your investors are going to come over your house and shoot you and you're never going to be in cannabis again I said just trust me on this one I said you can't make money on 142-day variety it just doesn't work there's not high enough price point to commit to 142 days of flower and I think that that's something that you know for craft operators Buy Terpenes if you're in san Diego where you know you're down on like the 31st that that'll let you work with things that go deep into December and you'd be able to work you know outdoor and then you'd have to protect in the summertime from the extreme heat especially with the cycles we're having now death valley hit 130. and um then that's not but the point is the heat is moving up through these regions differently than it has years prior.

You'd be able to grow some of that long cycle stuff in mixed lights true outdoors but on an indoor end of it because the cost of the projects are so expensive and the demand to recover the investment is so high you know you have windows of what you get and for me, those windows of what you get we have to live outside that window craft operators live outside that if you're really True Terpenes if you're not huge you have to be smart because the guys that are huge are smart they're smart in a different way they're smart about recovering profit and for us, our smart is that we're trying to keep lifestyle so much of it is that you know the craft to grow in cannabis is something that once you get into it man it's just as satisfying as any craft any trade and I did a bunch of them I was construction most of my life but I was a salvage diver I did aerial construction with helicopters I used to restore lighthouses.

So i did all this you know really i would call like precision construction and to me cannabis exceeded every one of those things because the complexity of cannabis is just so great there's nothing as complex as cannabis in in the plant kingdom and so it it can take you in a million directions if you decide to look at it from any perspective you can get lost and because of that you know you can spend your entire life and only touch a few areas really well and then a whole bunch of stuff you just barely touch and some things you'll never understand because they haven't been revealed that's rare that's rare with the job that's what makes this job so fun though because we're on the cutting edge it's changing all the time man it's so that's that's what makes the job so so awesome but Terpenes for sale uh i always like to say you know when people ask me you know you're in the business what's the secret the secret i think is is like what you said you gotta play to your strengths if you're gonna be a small time craft play to that strength what is that what are your strengths that's where your quality you're gonna you can beat them with quality you're not gonna beat them with quantity you you already know that you don't have the capital you don't have the capital to match what they have so.

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