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What I mean I did wasn't a planned question but why do you think they have a physiological effect on humans it does not even mean that the real answer is the plant invests a great deal of metabolic energy to make these things because it enhances their survival now at the same time this attractiveness of the plant and his properties has made cannabis one of the most widely cultivated plants on the planet so we've helped it spread does the consciousness of the cannabis plant realize that we're helping it become sort of a metaphysical question depends on your orientation I suppose but I think that certainly, Buy Terpenes I would claim that there's a symbiosis year it's benefiting from us and we're benefitting from it although there's a lot of abuse involved on our part and how the plant gets treated on one of those forms of abuse is we've really restricted the gene pool as I mentioned to high THC high marine plants.

When it can do far better for itself and for us if we give it a chance and that can be done with selective breeding we don't need to resort to genetic modification or CRISPR technology or any of those things this is a very plastic plant that I mean by that is that we can make it do anything True Terpenes if we give it a chance through selective breeding so is that kind of like almost retracing the steps so that the selective breeding for many years has gone in one direction to make it a much more narrowly focused plant that effectively gets you stoned or increases the if those sort of effects they're desirable in people wanting to look at it recreationally and what you and other scientists would like to do in a way is go back to a much richer and diverse profile right one of the factors there is trying to find what are called landraces are cannabis plants.

That have been bred in a particular area for many generations so you know we look to the traditional cannabis growing areas like Afghanistan Thailand northern India Colombia and South America the problem is if we go to these places almost uniformly the land races have been supplanted to use an appropriate term by genetics either from Holland or from California that are just the things I mentioned so you know it's a matter of the market has forced a movement towards high potency THC high immersing products to the exclusion of everything else but these land races are adapted to local areas to its soil to the local insect predators so Terpenes for sale they're better adapted they have some very important genetic traits that we should reintroduce in a cannabis breeding now additionally people my vintage will tell you that cannabis was very different in the olden days um yah on the average it wasn't as potent but don't let anyone fool you there were plenty of distinctive potent varieties available even in the 1970s and the effects were much more diverse than we find in the market today so there certainly is an importance to trying to find genuinely races and reintroduce those traits into modern breeding programs yeah fasten another fascinating area but getting back to terpenes which is the topic of the show you mentioned I'm gonna try remember Carrie awfully and I think he said is terpene and a cannabinoid that's true I got it right excellent so yeah firstly how did terpenes interact and how is a compound able to be both okay.

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