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Metal Corner Brackets

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These extra bits are cool these extra bits the curve they're just fancy unless I can find a curved timber which I'm going so that'll be the main part of the bracelets doing all the work and the curves will be extra these will be you know across the grain so they'll be short grain answer there's no strength in that really and this piece isn't pressing against anything and stiffening the brace maybe but that's what I need to do is work out where I want that and then I can work out my curve I sit out there I'm just gonna use this as a measuring tool I think I don't watch you a curve on it so table die again no pencil back there and while its square piece of wood I think I'm going to cut these ends just marked up a little bit and Metal Corner Brackets I know that that's the outside I want a tenon on the end more 20 mil not much and then maybe this piece of off coat just just happens to be an inch some real a long Mackey off I'm gonna cut it to that line at 45 degrees now I really need a new comer 45 on there to the market I made I cut the other one as well so this has got a 45 on one end it's still square on the other so from this one that the omnibox on.
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Railway Sleeper Brackets and Fixings
Metal Corner Brackets, Corner Brackets, Outdoor Screws

I'll flip it around I'll cut that but I'll put a stop at the other end so that the other one when I cut it will be exactly the same so I will not line up that's where I want to stop at this end I'm gonna have to move you  I don't cook quite all the way I took the fences off it would know this one I can send out to the stop all right so upset the depth so that I'll Shaw and then I'll make this cook for my shoulder so I probably won't reach this far along I could to about that and then it'll curve up same on the back I'm more interested in these pieces in the middle sort of that shoulder there put stopped on that Outdoor Screws I can flip it over do the other end I'm gonna carefully square them over sharp pencil only to do one that's all the others will be the same so that's my line squared it over the cut to that line set stop he said left sock at either end so now I can use that for me depth in the table.

So it's a bit deeper than the one who doesn't this is shallow is the depth setting on the topsoil due to showing that set to that width so now I can set it to that depth that's quite a lot they know that I wanted a little bit fickle I got no mic, okay well I'm not IP with the thickness of that tenant but I'm gonna go with it when I take that corn off and all the curve to come in about here so I'm gonna make templates go on top of it cut piece of board as soon as this so I'm gonna make templates go on top of theirs.

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