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There's not a hole on the other side so I'm just gonna want to get it started so when I take the timber out I can see where I need to drill and there it is there you can see a little mark on the other side and holding it firm to my fingers to stop them vibrating and making sure of course I don't put my hand behind it it jammed up there a little bit so I'll just back the saw up better saw the drill back the drill up again Metal Corner Brackets and went forward again through and we made a nice hole bit of jagged Metal Corner Brackets sticking out there that you can see so we'll just file that off now and there it goes so I'm putting a beaver back on this one and I put an F front on the other one just because they have been individually fitted and they will um probably not fit on the other side so to avoid stuffing around when I'm assembling and and unassembled in a table that's why i've done it so this what I've basically have to work recourses one on each end of this long table and then in the middle I'm making these legs that I could remove and and obviously put back on again because my I don't have a big enough workshop about my workshop is tiny.

So I have to do most of my work outdoors which is the reason why I have a completely removable table that gets lent up against the side of my shed inside and a little work tables on the side they fold up and I'll tape these legs and put them inside as well I was actually doing some sanding on this table and it made myself a big sanding beam and my sanding wasn't coming out level so I had a look and I realized the whole table was bending in the middle of while I was doing the sanding and so that's what inspired me to get these legs so what's happening I'm sanding it's probably happening when I'm soaring and routing as well so I couldn't get it to fit there so I put the drill back into timber and sort of went around in circles to widen the entry and exit points of the timber a little bit and now it fits on quite well there you go and some unscrewing the feet because yep I forgot to put the glue on so this is some more of that five minute Errol Outdoor Screws diet and just basically like Ian gained two loads of threads so that we can adjust the feet without the feet coming off. Large metal corner brackets, Metal corner brackets for wood, Heavy-duty metal corner brackets, Long metal corner brackets, Metal corner brackets Screwfix, Decorative metal corner brackets, Corner brace brackets, L brackets. 

Outdoor screws Screwfix, Railway sleeper brackets, Screwfix railway sleeper brackets, Railway sleeper brackets b&q. So yeah there's not really all the materials are quite cheap like the timber for the legs is really cheap it's just sort of construction pine you could use scrap bits of wood for the feet and the threaded rod is really cheap it's much cheaper than buying bolts you could buy bolts and cut one end off.

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