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Metal Corner Brackets & Outdoor Screws

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I think it's pretty heavy-duty and this is an ml to 4 Z so it's I think it's three inches or three and a half inches wide it might be four inches wide and you're supposed to use a different type of screw you use a strong tie screw but they're thicker than the ones I just showed you and I think it says right on here Metal Corner Brackets use a quarter inch by inch and a half Corner Brackets so if I'm using these into a six by six I actually use the three-inch screw instead of an inch and a half but engineering is clear that you can get by with just an inch and a half so what I use these for is a positive connection from post to beam so I'm not using some big crazy bracket because there was no way I could have had all these custom Metal Corner Brackets fabbed up on all these angles because I didn't know what these angles were gonna be until I actually put up the post and started framing so it would have taken another eight weeks to get the bracketry not acceptable.

So this concedes my engineers good with this as being a positive connection from post to beam back and then these are what's helps keep the beams from wanting the twist Plus these are engineered glulams and they're waterproofed so they're not going to warp or twist or get wet and dry out or anything like that they're just standard glue limbs they're gonna stay for the long haul they're not going to move around we're going to wrap these so as long as I have that positive connection I'm good to go there so we also use these a lot on stairs on the bottom of a staircase where we need something to positively connect the stair to concrete well attach this to the backside Outdoor Screws of a staircase and then we'll anchor down in a block of concrete with these they work great for that and again. Large metal corner brackets. Metal corner brackets for wood. Heavy duty metal corner brackets. Long metal corner brackets. Metal corner brackets screwfix. Decorative metal corner brackets. Corner brace brackets. L brackets. 

Outdoor screws screwfix. Railway Sleeper Brackets. Screwfix railway sleeper brackets. Railway sleeper brackets b&q. If you're in a short elevation situation and you need a really strong 90 these work great we use quite a bit of these two I've usually bought these 50 at a time so there's just one last thing I want to show you guys I had a lot of questions as well and since we're talking about hanging things on the houses and structural bracketry and things like that have a lot of people asking about how do you hang your Ledger's onto the house so you can see my ledger board here as fast and master ledger locks every 16 inches cuz this wall is studded and they're studs go all the way through the wall and there is no belly board or no rim board on this house whoever framed it so we identified every single stud on the house so we ran these three and five-eighths fasteners into the wall there were two by four studs.

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