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While i'm at it i'll finish installing the remaining casters hole i drilled through the plywood i'll plug it with this t-nut and finally i'll add the last screw to hold the casters it's pretty safe to say this handle is a decorative handle it works for pulling the box but it's not strong enough to lift the entire box instead of overhanging the lid or adding a handle to it i decided to cut out a section so i can stick my finger in it Metal Corner Brackets and lift the lid after scoring the markings with a utility knife i pulled out the oscillating tool i wasn't even sure if i can pull this off without butchering it but i have to say this was my finest work using an oscillating tool a little chisel work after and it's done figuring out where to put the hinges were one of the more challenging thing for me on this project i ultimately set up for this because i got tired of overthinking it the lid didn't cover the entire 2x4 near the back initially i had a different top for this when i drew it up but being that i changed it i ended up figuring this out as i went i added a small strip of wood so i had somewhere to mount the hinge. corner brace, corner bracket brace, shelf bracket, or L bracket. 

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Then I used a long screw to go through the hinge the strip of wood and into the board and finally I’ll secure the hinge to the 2x4 beneath with the weight of the lid I rather overdo this than underdo it so I spaced the hinges out enough so I can add four whenever the wood is completely dried out and I have to give it time I likely just paint the entire thing to install the soft closing hinge I needed a bit more surface so I added a piece of wood here glued it and screwed it I installed the soft-closing hardware on both sides and attached it to the lid this ultimately Outdoor Screws became a failure because it wasn't strong enough to hold the lid I suspected that but I wanted to give it a try anyway now I have to find a different type of solution because the lid is just too heavy in the meantime. 

These corner railway sleeper brackets provide a quick and easy system for joining timber railway sleepers. Our unique and classic design is simple and quick to install and works with all sizes of timber railway sleepers. To fit, you simply bang the brackets into the ground and screw sleepers to the bracket on the sleeper joints. 

I swap those out for this type of lid support while they are basic they get the job done it locks the lid in the open position I’ll paint this grip section so it blends in before I go any further with this I’m going to give it enough time for the lumber to dry before I put paint on this so I’m always excited when I build something that is useful that I can put to use right away and this is one of those builds so I’m super excited about it let's take a look at it real quick this is a good-sized box with much room to spare on the inside while I designed this box to store cushions the potential behind this is limitless so whether you're storing your kids’ toys cushions it's wet-rated so you can blend it within your garden place it on your deck or your patio or anywhere outside that you need to be able to store things.

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