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I wanted to get out here so I'd have good light make it move out and show you a little bit it's got a leather strap on it it was custom made this is what Joe is capable of it's just awesome I've been collecting canes for 20 years or so there's a tip puts a nice hard tip on there and a rubber tip it's got the leather strap in here that's really I've seen a lot of canes like I said I collect them and this is the nicest one nice is walking stick I've seen and from added bonus, Dynamo Walking Cane you couldn't tell but here is a little switch pull it out like that and you got a bandit to say that it's stainless steel it's really put in there well I mean I've been checking it out for a few days now and it's really put in there well and the way he's designed it with the leather strop and leather covering here and what you do is you line it up this way right like this like I said.

I can't see what's what I'm showing you here but when you just slide it back in and it's locked in and it's really I mean this cane is super strong I keep calling a cane it's a walking stick it's a lot bigger than a regular cane it's great and you know you don't have to be out in the country to use one of these things I mean even the rural areas even in the city you see more and more people carrying these it's just I'm hoping and showing up good on this I'll have to check it out but it's just a beautiful cane I want to thank Joe and I want to thank Pete a good buddy forget me in touch with Bigfoot Cane if you won't like I said if you're interested in something like this you'll personalize it for you any way you want it I have to do this and wanted to get that Celtic Cross in there and I think he did an outstanding job on everything.

And I could say this is formidable weapon and plus you got this in your other hand and this is pretty heavy wood right here you can actually use this as a club and then you got your band again I just want to show this beautiful King thank Joe Bank beat for turning me on to it and I will leave underneath the  information to contact Joe and it came in a nice tube and it came really fast and it only took a couple of days for him to make this believe it or not if it took him that long but he takes two takes the stick right out of the woods he barks it and lets it dry for quite a few days in a heated place and when he's done has a very strong cane and that's also pretty handy to have that little compass I've checked it out it's very accurate and it's just cool looking thing so hope you guys will go over there and check go out I think you really like this game very sturdy and it's just cool thing to walk with in woods or just walking around on the road I appreciate you guys watching and thanks again Joe a great job I'm really really liking it.

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