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The need to use nails glues or even panel pins and there's got the other benefit that you can if you need to remove the screw without damaging the wood which also you can't do with panel pins or pins that you're firing out of now go now the other really good thing about the screw it's got a tri lock system which guessing is referring to these three different screw threads here one two three and the idea is these will not work loose over time it's outdoor resistant for 500 hours and a suitable Metal Corner Brackets for floorboards architrave skirting boards cladding carcasses town groove boards and a lot more you can use it in hardwood softwood fibre boards plastics sheet steel and there are other applications what particularly interested in for today's door lining application is a closed-end section here without a screw thread on it but what that means is when you screw it into the wood. Large metal corner brackets. Metal corner brackets for wood. Heavy duty metal corner brackets. Long metal corner brackets. Metal corner brackets screwfix. Decorative metal corner brackets. Corner brace brackets. L brackets. 

Outdoor screws screwfix. Railway Sleeper Brackets. Screwfix railway sleeper brackets. Railway sleeper brackets b&q. You don't have to worry about drilling a part of the pilot hole that showed you earlier on because no thread is actually biting into this section of the wood where you have a screw has it spread all the way down if you don't drink pilot hole that's wider than the screw you can get the piece of wood you're trying to drill tight lifting up away from the other piece of wood that you're screwing into but with this system that isn't going to happen now some of you might see my previous where I use thumbtack screws to screw down the tongue groove engineer floorboards in my bathroom now I've had a few of you particularly the United States asking me where Outdoor Screws to get this grease from particularly given they seem to be very expensive for you guys that's useful comments and discussions about this and are including the description at the end of this details of equivalent screws that aren't from this lost tight screw brand.

You can get the United States and also descriptions of these screws for those of you in the UK and Europe who can't get hold of these screws so that's quite a for me bubbling on let's have a look at these screws in action so you can see here I've already put two screws into the door lining you can see how tiny the actual hole is that's left by them we're just going to require minimal filling so I marked the position I wanted surface screw not drilling any pilot hole look at that lovely tight little hopper didn't even need countersinking okay and goes the next one now for those last two screws I've used my right of the impact driver, yeah you can tell us an impact by that percussive noise you hear when it's driving the screw in the look you might not have an impact driver so now gonna use a much lighter less high-powered drill driver that just has a tiny little 1.3 aah battery on it so here we go that was just as easy.

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