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What I'll do is again got my knife here in a minute we'll just shake this up we'll just trim off the end first ago now I need to use my knife just to trim off the top part so that the whistle will actually lower across the top test that in there then see what it's like that's on the way look you start your open all that's about right there that's about the right size for the hole in the opening now we can film this piece off here right so now I've got it right and Dynamo Walking Cane I've got it like this I took that way up this piece is going to have to go into there like that and I think I'm even gonna need any glue in it but I might just put a bit more see but I want to make sure it doesn't block up the hall I put push it in I took just enough for the hole I take a little bit more off that this is now completed you can see.today we're going to turn a walking stick and you couldn't use it as a hook and stick while you're walking if you need to can we go on turn it out of some two inch white oak stock I plan to use this next week.

When I go to swat Southwest Association of Turner's and Waco Texas at our annual symposium August 26 27 28 you're near Waco that's the place to be don't need to walk with it or what would poke somebody with okay let's turn it I start getting it round with a inch and a quarter roughing gouge I begin tapering this from the bottom to the top of the words from the tailstock to the headstock you begin to get some vibration here so I use my left hand is a steady or fulcrum to lessen the vibration as I'm turning you I've gotten far enough now that I can mount my steady wrist I find out that I can only get three of the wheels to make contact the fourth wheel hits one of the bottom wheel so this makes me modify my steady rest for the next project I ended up cutting one of the the handles off and moving it to the other side and I'll show you that in a later Walking Cane for Women how that worked out because of only three wheels making contact on the spindle I added a second steady rest to help hold it and it does help but it's in the way of my turning quite a bit and a little bit uncomfortable for me to use this way emphasize the foot for the copper fitting that I'm going to use I slide the copper fitting onto the foot.

So that I can have some visualization of my taper you thought I would use my beading tool to turn some beads on the handle but I have forgotten that white oak is not the best wood to turn this type of beads on because you get a lot of tear-out so I ended up cleaning it back up with my gouge and just turning one be in the top portion I'll start standing at 80 grit and I go through the grits all the way to 600 I had some sending Siller after finish sanding.

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