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Style Guide: Different Types of Wallets for Men

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A good wallet can be every man’s necessity, but the main challenge is to get that one. There are two important things that matter a lot while buying a wallet; functionality and style. Undoubtedly, the wallet is the most overlooked men’s accessory as it slips into your pocket. However, when you take it out of your pocket, you really give off your personal style statement to the people around you. That’s where the need for a high-end wallet comes in to add a fashion quotient to your overall look. When it comes to functionality, your wallet should perform well in carrying your essentials, including invoices, credit/debit cards, ID cards, cash, and health insurance cards.

Men's Wallets Style Guide

Selecting the right type of wallet for your necessities is as crucial for function as it is for style. If you want to carry different things, then you’ll require a different wallet that suits your needs and preferences. Here we have jotted down a list of different types of wallets for men. This guide will definitely help you make the right decision.

Bifold Wallet

A bifold wallet is the most common and sought-after choice for any gentleman. This type of wallet folds in half and has a flatter design (depending on its design and the type of item carried in it). Bifold wallet offers common features, including invoices, tickets, card slots, an ID card pocket, a coin pocket, and bill compartment dividers to organize your cash and licenses. Some irresistible colors in the bifold wallet are tan, burgundy, and navy blue.

Trifold Wallet

As the name suggests, this type of wallet folds into thirds. The wallet's outer third folds in, while the opposite side folds over it. This structure makes this wallet bulkier than a bifold wallet, but it is usually smaller, so you can easily carry it in your blazer or jeans pocket. Trifold wallets are ideal for those who carry a wide range of items for a long time, such as old bills and old invoices. This wallet has common functionalities, which include a bill divider, an ID pocket, and more card slots than the bifold wallet.

Hipster Wallet

This type of wallet is a larger version of the bifold wallet. It is wider in structure and can carry more items than the typical bifold wallet. If you carry more items in your wallet but don’t want a bulkier wallet at the same time, a hipster wallet would be the ideal choice for you. This wallet is known as the dressier wallet, worn by professionals. You can also consider this wallet while traveling.

Zipper Wallet

There was a time when a zipper wallet was very common and loved by people, as it offered a very secure functionality to carry your items. This wallet is basically a bifold wallet with exterior zipper closure to prevent your essentials from falling out. The zippered wallet is perfect for those who have a habit of stuffing their wallets.

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