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Stylish Men Shoes that will keep your Comfortable All Day

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Getting ready for work has never been more exciting as we are entirely jam-packed on hectic working days. And when it comes to buying a piece of clothing, accessory, or shoes, we always consider a back-to-work thing in our minds to dress up accordingly.

Not only this, but we are also thinking about our modes of traveling, daily commutes to work will be an entirely new experience for all. If you are one of those whose job commute is more than just sitting in a car or a bus, you must understand the value of wearing a highly comfortable pair of shoes. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of style. That is why we have come up with some stylish shoes for men that not only provide all-day-long comfort to your feet but also keep you trendy and stylish. Let’s have a look!

Classic Leather Sneakers

Sneakers are without a doubt the most popular footwear choice among men of all ages. They are super comfortable and relaxing. While wearing a quality pair of sneakers, you can even perform sporting activities including climbing, trekking, and hiking. The best thing about sneakers is that they come in an array of styles and designs to suit your ensembles. Leather sneakers are the best sneakers for men, ideal for workplaces. Glanz classic black and brown leather sneakers are uber-chic and provide all the comforting benefits. A stylish lace-up design with pure cow leather upper is great to go with a number of outfits from casual to semi-formal. With a durable TPR outsole, it provides maximum road grip so you can walk and drive all day long without getting blisters. Styling guide: Team up your leather sneakers with classic denim or slim-fit trousers and a casual tee.

Slip-on Sneakers

Don’t you like lace-up sneakers? Well, the comfort is still there. With Glanz slip-on sneakers, you’re allowed to experiment with your style while enjoying incredible comfort. If you are working in a creative environment, these sandwich mesh sneakers are ideal for you. They are lined with mesh material that offers breathability. EVA rubberized molded in-socks are designed to give your feet a little bounce while arch support at the same time. The best thing about these sneakers is that they are available in three striking shades so you won’t get
confused with matching your outfits. Styling guide: Coordinate these revolutionary sneakers with t-shirt and cargo shorts for an uber-chic summer look.


A must-have design for all seasons. They are sophisticated and versatile and the best part is that they’re easy to go with a range of ensembles including workwear. Choosing an ultra-comfortable pair of men's loafer shoes is essential for making your all-day walks stress-free, especially with anti-slip TPR outsoles. Loafers constructed with rubberized outsoles provide shock absorption and durability so you can
experience road grip without getting slipped. Styling guide: Since these sought-after shoes are versatile, you can coordinate them with tees, polos, denim, semi-formal pants, shorts, chinos, trousers, etc.
Canvas Sneakers

For a relaxed yet cool-chic look, canvas sneakers would be the best option. They come in exquisite designs and funkier colors to transform your casual look. Breathable uppers and super cushioned in- socks make them a perfect mate for long walks during brunch and after work. Styling guide: Style your canvas sneakers with denim, an unbuttoned shirt, and a tee for a street-style look. Daily wear shoes for men are mainly seen as comfortable but not fashionable. Thanks to Glanz men’s footwear brand, now you have an array of options to choose from.
Don’t forget to tell me which kind of footwear you prefer to wear on your commute.

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