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The Ultimate Guide On Wearing Men Sandals

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A type of shoes that is well-known for its comfortability and relaxation, a good pair of men's sandals
often come to our mind. However, styling your outfits with sandals can be a challenging task. The main
reason is sandals have a casual design or perhaps due to their demand for well-maintained heels and
toenails. Apart from all these statements, sandals do offer some good ways to style yourself in summer
while providing breathability and road grip. Unfortunately, sandals are the type of footwear that cannot
go with office wear but they can be paired with a number of outfits to create perfect festive looks. It all
depends on how your style them with the right outfits.
In this article, you will find styling options to transform your summer look. Don’t worry! There is no need
to buy a new clothing haul, you can easily coordinate your sandals with the outfits that are already
hanging up in your closet. So, let’s get started!

With Eastern Wear
Your ethnic wear such as kurta and pajamas can be perfectly coordinated with strappy sandals to create
an elegant look. All you need to have a few trendy designs in sandals for men and you are good to go.
After this investment, you don’t need to rush for buying things during festivities and celebrations. Want
to attend a wedding ceremony next week? Simply pair your strappy leather sandals with an
embroidered kurta and pajama and you are all set to break the dance floor. Just be sure to do not
confuse these leather sandals with your everyday flip-flops since we are only talking about SANDALS.
You can also style up your eastern looks by coordinating your sandals with dhoti pants and jeans.

With Suits
In this section, we are not talking about wearing your sandals with formal suits. Traditionally, the
concept of sandals with tailored suits is now considered a big no for men. This is where our modern and
smart-casual trend will take the fashion lead.
First thing first, there is strict avoidance of wearing socks with sandals. Secondly, choose the sandals
that suit your outfit and needs. Sandals can make a huge difference to your look. So, avoid selecting flip-
flops and everyday slippers with big logos that won’t fit with finely tailored suits. Go for a unique design,
free of logos. You can choose between basic colors such as brown, black, and navy blue that will go with
a number of suits.
Now it’s time to pair them up! A perfect combo of linen shalwar kameez with a printed waistcoat will be
ideal for your sandals. There is no need to heavily accessorize your outfit since wearing sandals with
your suit is a bold move.

With Casual Trousers

Now we all are on the same page knowing that sandals cannot be worn with formal pants, but they are
easy to pair with slim-fit or narrow trousers. Just you need to minimize the contrast between your pants
and shoes.
Leather sandals for men will go perfectly with trousers, chinos, and tees.

With Denim
Your narrow-fit faded jeans would be the best choice for these casual men's sandals. Enhance your
smart-casual look by wearing a chic polo shirt.

With Socks
This might sound awkward, but trust me this would be the damn cool look for fashion runways. Pair
them with solid-colored shorts and a block-printed t-shirt to rock that runway look.

Pairing your sandals with shorts, pajamas, and chinos comes as naturally as sipping a cool lemonade
drink in hot summer, but still, there is a need of giving chance to other outfits as well.

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