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Walking Cane For Women

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I want to hit a little bit more quickly and more nimbly and be able to moving around so those are the two obvious ways that people normally think about either heavy end out or light end out but the other way which was used in the Victorian and Edwardian periods is actually quite similar to the way that we see swords used when fighting an armor in the medieval and renaissance periods that is sort of half sodding it's also quite similar to the use of things like bayonets or so-called pugil sticks okay so sometimes we do see the stick used this way and it can be used obviously either end can be used to hit like that it can be used to bash and to push indeed it can be used in locking in locking up arm joints and wrestling essentially to facilitate an aid wrestling or used in conjunction with wrestling and obviously you can switch between any of these three Dynamo Walking Cane so you might you might start off getting some distance when someone attacks you hitting their knife hand or whatever hitting their weapon hand with the light end of the stick you might see an opening come up to someone's head and whack them in the head with the heavy end of the stick.

But if you're crowded in or in a small room or people are kind of grappling trying to grapple with you you might be using the stick more in more close quarters like this or even to assist a throw this type of thing so those are the three main ways you can use the walking stick or any stick frankly but there's one other thing I want to point out and that is when striking with the stick I think a lot of people who come from a background of sword-based martial arts we're very used to swinging things but we swing things we tend to swing things with the edge leading okay and Walking Cane for Women so we tend to think about these things as cuts now mechanically in cuts which strike in line with the forearm are generally speaking going to have more force to them and strike through the thing that's being hit.

But if we look at how the body mechanics work for a second if I just swing through here so I've got right shoulder right hip right leg in front and I'm striking from the right-hand side as I come through here if I'm leading with the edge there comes a point at which the arm and the body naturally start wanting to curve a curve roll around change orientation now in sword base martial arts we train a lot to try and overcome that certainly while you're going through the targets so the edge leads all the way through and then you let it turn to come around the other way but with a stick you don't need to because there's no edge and there's a sort of metaphorical edge an even metaphysical edge there's an edge in terms of the thing which point in the same direction there's the motion of the stick and your knuckles and your wrist and your forearm okay so that will hit with most force but there are blows that are done within stick fighting systems.

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