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What We Have To Offer As A Manufacturer Of Custom Burger Boxes

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What we're about

  1. Time-Saving Styles – We offer 10pt to 28pt eco-friendly kraft, e-flute corrugated, box board, and cardstock in a variety of sizes. We know how important it is to respond quickly when packaging burgers as experienced Custom Burger Boxes manufacturers. As a result, we offer boxes that don't require any glueing or stapling. They only take a few seconds to put together and are delivered flat. The packaging's entire purpose is to ensure that our client's customers receive fresh burgers. We promise to create eye-catching custom packaging at a fair price.
  2. Recycled Stock – As stewards of the environment, we ensure that litter warnings are printed on our packaging after the client's approval. We appreciate our clients' continued support of the cause by including recycling instructions on their packaging. In addition, we have boxes made from recycled and food-grade materials. Customers are notified through a printed Mobius loop.
  3. Meal Combo Boxes - When customers order burgers, they frequently order more than just burgers. They want corn on the cob, fried wings, onion rings, fries, condiments, and other foods. With this combination meal, some brands also offer toys and gifts, among other things. A combination meal necessitates more space due to the number of food items. As a result, burger companies requested more durable packaging, preferably with sections to help keep things in place.
  4. Embossing – Every Custom Printed Burger Boxes company wants their logo splattered across their packaging. The reason is simple: the more their brand name is seen, the more brand exposure they will receive. Companies use embossing, which raises the level of the area, making it more prominent and attention-grabbing, almost giving it a 3-D look, to highlight the brand's name and logo.
  5. Glossy Or Matte Finish - Every company wants to be noticed. Gloss lamination is used by some burger companies to make their brand name appear more vibrant. Some people prefer a matte finish. Lamination gives packaging a variety of looks and adds a protective layer, making it more durable. UV coating can also be used to give the packaging a glossy or matte appearance. Those who prefer environmentally friendly packaging can use a water-based, eco-friendly gloss or matte aqueous coating.
  6. Popular Custom Burger Boxes Designs – The clamour shell-shaped style, which comes in a rectangular shape, is the most commonly used in burgers. However, we can also make O-shaped custom burger boxes to help you stand out from the crowd. In the markets, our hexagon-shaped burger packaging is also a hit.
  7. Target Segment-Specific Themes - We can print comic themes for kids' custom burger boxes, caricatures for young adults, and any other unique fun food theme with compelling images that our clients prefer. This printing is possible on the box's top, lid's underside, box walls, and bottom. Our latest print and packaging techniques and advancements solidify your brand's and products' position in the retail industry.
  8. Post-Production Finishes – to ensure finesse and stability in custom burger boxes design, we finish each order with precision die-cutting, perforation (where applicable), glueing (if applicable), and scoring.
  9. Orders Are Delivered On Time – We are a one-stop packaging and printing solution that allows us to meet our deadlines with ease. We deliver within ten to twelve days of receiving your order confirmation. Clients who need their deliveries expedited can use the rush service.
  10. Proofing Samples – We provide digital 3D Mock-up sampling with the placement to our clients.

We Offer A Variety Of Custom Burger Boxes Packaging Options.

SirePrinting Offers A Variety Of Custom Burger Boxes, Including:

  1. Custom Burger Boxes - Make your sliders stand out by packing them in miniature packaging. In specially designed packaging, these sliders/cocktail burgers/traditional burgers stay safe, fresh, and warm. Despite its small size, the customer receives all branding elements and product information via the space on the box. The burger company's contact number, brand names, deals, and logos are all highlighted. These mini boxes are ideal for whetting customers' appetites.
  2. Burger Wraps Packaging - Some environmentally conscious customers in this market sector request burger wraps made of wax paper, parchment, or foil. They don't use cardboard boxes unless it's necessary. We assist these brands in giving their burgers a unique identity by providing personalised stickers and labels.
  3. Fries Cones and Holders in Cardboard - Few people enjoy Burger Boxes Wholesale without fries. As a result, the majority of our fast-food clients frequently order cardboard cones and holders for fries. The best part about this cone and holder is that they're easy to print and take with you. When the signature brand themes are printed on them, they become advertising hoardings for the respective brand, marketing it wherever they go.
  4. Meal Gable Boxes - For meals, we offer gable boxes made of cardboard with handles that can hold a variety of food and non-food items (toys, gifts, etc.). It gives you more room to store your belongings and transport them from one location to another. These large surface boxes provide plenty of room for visual content. For a distinct appeal, most entities brand them up to their handles. Gable box auto bottom and gable tuck end are two popular styles in these boxes.
  5. Custom Burger Holders - Do you want to provide portable packaging to customers who are on the go? But you don't want to over-package your burgers? Allow our custom burger boxes holders to take centre stage.
  6. Window Patching Burger Packaging - These boxes display the delectable food items contained within, causing others to salivate. When these boxes are used, the focus of attention remains on the food item.

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