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Is wood vinyl flooring the best choice? Find out why
Yes, we all love the look of hardwood floors. They are clean, elegant, and natural for most of your living rooms. But what about other areas of your home? Your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and bedrooms need sturdy flooring as well. That is where flooring store comes with its many benefits. Not only durable, but they are practical and flexible too.

 In addition to luxury vinyl plank flooring, wood-looking vinyl floors are a delight to have in your home. If you are double-minded between wood plank flooring and vinyl tiles: choosing vinyl wood offers many pluses. This post will help you find out why wood-vinyl is a better choice for you. 

Here are the seven attributes that you might be looking at in your flooring:

  1. The sophisticated and serene look
  2. Blends naturally with other features
  3. Efficient for homes and offices
  4. Wood vinyl flooring for bathrooms
  5. Room to room extension
  6. A wide range of wood-looks
  7. Soft, comfortable, and durable!
  8. Sophisticated and serene look:
Search for interior galleries having images of wood plank flooring's serene look if you have any doubts. This flooring is not only picture-perfect but also elegant for real. More so, its sophisticated look will take you by storm. Whether you go for dark wood looks or light caramel shade, it will look perfect with your current setup. Also, experts say that it is the ideal flooring for master bedrooms and decks. 

  1. Blends naturally with other features:
Another reason to love this vinyl flooring is the ethereal look of natural wood. This flooring will naturally coordinate with all the other features of your room. Choosing a light wood color, for instance, will enhance the look of your dark wood furniture. In addition, it will surely go with your color palette. So, match the walls and curtains whenever you redo your bedroom.  

  1. Efficient for homes and offices:
While we are talking about the benefits of this stunning floor type, easy cleanup is the major plus point of this flooring. Once you have it, you will notice that it is much easier to keep it clean and healthy. That is why many homeowners and businesses are drawing towards vinyl wood plank floors. In addition, vinyl tiles that look like wood are preferable for homes and offices as well. Moreover, if you plan to design a home office, it is the sturdiest choice for you. 

  1. Wood vinyl flooring for bathrooms:
Most of the time, wood flooring or wood tile flooring is not that recommended for bathrooms. But, wood vinyl floors are a different scenario. In addition to being visually attractive, these floor planks also resist water from getting into the roots. Moreover, wood-looking vinyl feels soft and non-slippery underfoot. That is why more and more people have inclined towards this flooring for bath areas and laundry rooms.  

  1. Room to room extension:
It is one of the biggest reasons to opt for vinyl wood flooring. Well, homeowners who have master bedrooms or combined rooms- like to extend the floor look and texture from room to room. In this case scenario, vinyl wood planks and tiles are equally the best options. Also, you can only imagine the final look of your home interior with these uniform planks/tiles. 

In the same way, you can extend the wooden floor look from your bathroom to the main room. It is equally resistant and scratch-free for all home styles. For sure, you will fall in love with the consistent look of your floors.

  1. A wide range of wood looks:
The next plus point about this flooring type is that you do not have to be afraid of using different color planks. The good news is that wood-looking vinyl floor planks come in a variety of light and dark shades. Coming from a vast array of patterns, these wood vinyl planks offer layers of colors and designs. So, go for dark colors to make a statement or go with subtle wooden textures. 

  1. Soft, comfortable, and durable!
Last but not least, all of these properties might not convince you about this flooring option. So, it is to remind you that wood vinyl is soft, comfortable, and durable for your home. Moreover, its texture and visual beauty are best suited to contemporary home designs. Plus, the wood quality makes it more lasting for all areas of your home, such as patios and hallways. 

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