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A Brief Introduction to Sanitary Napkins

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Today the world has seen an industrial boom that was not ever witnessed before. With this industrial advancement, the life of an average person has also advanced but there are still various hardships that we as humans have the sole responsibility to curb and eliminate. The world has not been kind to women and how their bodies have naturally existed. The strength of a woman lies in her soul despite each hardship she faces. Rivaj is here to address this solution by not manufacturing sanitary pads also known as period pads in Pakistan. 

Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary pads, also known as period pads, are absorbent products that are worn in underwear to absorb menstrual blood and other vaginal secretions during menstruation. They are typically made of a soft, absorbent material that is attached to a backing, and they come in various sizes and absorbency levels to suit different needs and preferences. Menstrual pads are designed to be worn inside the underwear, and they are typically secured in place with adhesive strips or wings. They are disposable and are changed regularly throughout the day to maintain cleanliness and comfort. Period pads are an essential personal hygiene product for many women and girls during their menstrual cycles.

The Necessity of Menstrual Napkins

Menstrual pads are necessary for girls who are menstruating. Menstruation is a normal part of a girl's development and is a sign that her body is preparing for a potential pregnancy. During menstruation, the uterus sheds its lining, and this shedding is accompanied by the release of blood and other vaginal secretions. Menstrual pads are an essential product for absorbing this menstrual blood and preventing it from staining clothing or causing discomfort. Using menstrual pads during menstruation can help girls to maintain good hygiene, prevent discomfort and irritation, and stay active and confident during their periods. While some girls may prefer to use alternative menstrual products, such as tampons or menstrual cups, menstrual pads are a reliable and widely available option for managing menstrual blood.

Rivaj Taking Steps to Cater to Women’s Needs

Rivaj is proud to be acknowledging itself as a company that focuses on solving women’s issues in terms of not only providing them with the best cosmetics but also catering to their personal needs! Therefore we feel immense pleasure to state that we have started to manufacture the best sanitary pads in Pakistan. With multiple variations and types that can cater to all women in this country. Period pads in Pakistan have always been a taboo to discuss openly in the country, it is because it has been widely considered to be a female problem and not a general concern. However, the trends and social conventions are changing and dialogues are being initiated in order to involve the entire country.

Variations and Forms in Sanitary Pads

There are many different types of sanitary pads available in the market, and they come in a wide range of sizes, absorbency levels, and styles to suit different needs and preferences. Large sanitary pads can help with beginners who have just matured to the age of puberty and are struggling to have a grip on how to better be adjusted to this new natural process which is completely normal. Apart from this, extra thick sanitary napkins or pads provide higher absorption therefore a better fit for women facing a heavy flow. Here are some common types of period pads that you might find in the market:

Regular sanitary pads:

These are the most basic type of menstrual towels, and they are designed for everyday use during menstruation. They come in different sizes and absorbency levels, and they are typically secured in place with adhesive strips or wings.

Ultra-thin sanitary pads:

These are a thinner, more discreet version of regular menstrual pads. They are designed to be worn comfortably under tight-fitting clothing and are ideal for girls who want to maintain a low profile during their periods. 

Maxi period pads:

These are larger, more absorbent, and thick sanitary pads that are designed for heavy flow days. They have a higher capacity for absorbing menstrual blood and can provide more protection and peace of mind during the heaviest days of menstruation. 

Overnight sanitary pads:

These are extra-long and extra-absorbent sanitary pads that are designed for overnight use. They can provide longer-lasting protection and prevent leakage during sleep, making them a good option for girls who want to avoid getting up at night to change their pads. 

Panty liners:

These are thin, light sanitary pads that are designed for everyday use, even on days when menstruation is not expected. They are typically worn with underwear and can absorb light vaginal discharge and prevent staining.

Extra Large Period Pads:

These are very large in size to cover the maximum area in case of any leakage and minor shift of position. These are good for beginners to use. Extra large sanitary napkins also have more absorption capacity. 

In addition to these common types of sanitary pads, there are also many other variations available, such as scented or unscented pads, pads with added skincare benefits, and pads made from organic or eco-friendly materials. Choosing the right type of period pad will depend on your individual needs and preferences, so it's important to try out different options and find the one that works best for you.

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