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Desktop Application Testing

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A desktop application is a program that runs independently on your desktop. Desktop applications continue to play an essential role in improving user engagement. We place customer satisfaction first and always put your business needs on priority. We have a lot of experience testing desktop applications and Windows application automation testing. Having hands-on experience with testing tools and knowledge of different business domains helps our testing team provide desktop application testing services that are confidential and accurate. We test applications on various operating systems and screen resolutions to see how they perform—HireSQA engineer’s team can test even the most up-to-date desktop applications. We use a comprehensive testing approach to assess the entire system’s functionality. In addition, our test plans cover products fully while allowing testers to attempt tasks precisely as your users would.

Despite being dominated by smartphone and tablet apps, desktop applications are still used for graphics-intensive solutions, CRM and ERP systems, industrial automation systems, financial and medical apps, SaaS and PaaS solutions, etc. Therefore, we can work with you to identify the high load periods that call for testing, whether they include enormous files on a single-instance programmer or heavy traffic from users on various workstations. Hire QA Engineers provides end-to-end desktop application testing services.

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