Purpose Statement: Collaborate with spiritual organizations, build a spiritual social network and introduce San Diego spiritual events! We offer "Postings" of meditation gatherings, classes, workshops, free events, a sharing of life paths and opportunities to network with other spiritual minded people!

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This is a group for mothers in Munich who are having their baby /babies in 2019. It is meant for organising meet-ups for sharing tips, support and information.   The meetings will be organised in Munich at the beginning of every month. 

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42beers @ 42coders ist eine Community in der wir in lockerer Atmosphere über aktuelle Themen in der Tech Community reden.  Speziell Softwareentwicklung Tools und neue Startups. Das Bier ist natürlich inklusive :)

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So Cal Sea Kayaking To promote and arrange paddles for sea kayakers of all types all along  the Southern California California cost.  Gathering the members from the disbanded Meetup site of the same name,  

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This is a community of web developers in Subotica, Serbia. All developers are welcome: software architects, database administrators, backend, frontend developers, testers, designers and all the others I cannot think of currently. The goal is to have a tech focused community in Subotica, and to have regular meetups discussing the actual/interesting topics, drinking beer and networking. 

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Die PHP Usergroup Nürnberg & Erlangen beschäftigt sich mit aktuellen Themen, die PHP-Entwicklern aus der Region auf den Nägeln brennen. / This is the PHP usergroup for Nuremberg & Erlangen and the surrounding region. Come learn and share!

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A group for developers, designers, entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in creating beautiful applications using the Laravel ecosystem. Hosts: Nemanja Maric, Mladen Janjetovic, Milan Urukalo, Milan Popovic Supported and powered by PHP Serbia --- Laravel Serbia recent talks You can check out videos from our previous meetups on PHP Serbia YouTube channel, playlist “Laravel Serbia...

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Health & Wellness

CBD oil for tension  At the point when utilized for uneasiness, CBD Oilhas been appeared to have a stimulant like impact. Studies have demonstrated cannabidiol to be successful for stress, even indications of PTSD. In this investigation, researchers saw that high portions of CBD initiated state of mind upgrading serotonin receptors.  While the scandalous cannabinoid THC is known to at times...

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How to Wrap Your Gift Smartly with 5 Techniques 

We know that you have spent hours into buying the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Your effort is only known to you unless your items are wrapped up attractively. You can wrap them up with colorful strings and bow, other glitzy decors and cards to make them reflect your effort. People usually throw away the gift packaging, but sometimes a

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 Regardless of whether or not you're looking for lightweight boxes, card boxes or card boxes, we'll end your pursuit and production the containers for you. As such, we'll produce the crate you would like within the form and measurements you would like paying very little heed to your item.    We comprehend that opposition is firm in much all zones of business and your business needs a position to...

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  Classic Tobacco Packaging with Custom Cigarettes Boxes    Preservation of taste and presentation of style are the signature features of OXO Packaging Custom Cigarette Boxes. The variation of style, thickness, designs and finishes of these attractive Cigarette Boxes become your brand identity. OXO Packaging works on preserving the tobacco taste as well as maintaining the cigarette freshness...

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